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Training Program

The present training program consists of a range of short courses which involve practical training, delivered on rural properties throughout the Hay district. The training and assessment are delivered by qualified trainers and subject matter experts who have extensive practical experience in primary production.

The training consists of three blocks of five-day duration. Accommodation and some meals provided during the training blocks. Block 1 first week of February, Block 2 second week of March and final training Block 3 third week in June after the long weekend. The final training day concludes with graduation at the Hay Merino Sheep Show. Participants in the program are presented with a Certificate of Participation for completing the training and statement of attainment which lists all the training modules completed. Certificates will also be presented for the accredited training provided by Tocal and TAFE.

Hay Inc also offers those taking part in the training an opportunity for work placement on farms in the Hay district (work opportunities permitting), to consolidate learning and be exposed to the opportunities in the Agricultural sector.

With funding, volunteers, donation of training venues and livestock Hay Inc offers a very cost effective training, mentoring and networking program to participants.

To qualify to apply for the training participants need to be aged 18 to 25 years and have finished school. Expressions of interest are taken through out the year with the application process commencing in August for the following year intake.