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Mathew Vick Scholarship

The Mathew Vick Scholarship commenced in 2018 and was awarded to Hay Inc Participant James Lines 2018 Katerina Shambach 2019, Molly Thompson 2020, Laura Shearman 2021 for their dedication and commitment during their training in the Hay Inc Rural Education Program.
Sadly, Mathew Vick died at the end of September 2017 on West Burrabogie Station in a vehicle rollover. Matt was 27 years of age his family & friends kindly donated to Hay Inc in his honour to help young people to have the opportunity to work on the land.
His family wanted to give back to the surrounding Communities who very much welcomed Mathew when he first arrived in the area.
Matt started his love for the land in 2007 at the young age of 17.
He applied for a position as a jackaroo on commonwealth station in outback South Australia which was the biggest privately-owned wool clip in Australia & 55,000 merino sheep land size being 1.1million hectares.
Matts jobs included water runs, crutching, lamb marking, droving, bore maintenance and all kinds of mechanical maintenance that was required on the station.
Matt applied himself to this new position with dedication & respect, hard work ethic & grew each year with a wealth of knowledge & continued learning from his manager.
Matt became overseer at the age of 19 on the property with great accomplishments he was full of drive & a dream to 1 day own his own piece of land.
Mathew left Commonwealth Hill to come home to be closer to his family & took up a position at Moulamein.
12 months went by & Matt started working for Ben Seignior on his crutching trailer & absolutely love the work with sheep which included lamb marking, crutching & muelsing.
Matt picked up work with the Morona family at West Burrabogie station which was something new to Matt it was cropping which Matt hadn’t done before & along with sheep production.
Before too long Matts learning about the crops on the property became a love in Agriculture.
Matt bought into Riverina crutching with Ben Seignior as well as managing West Burrabogie for Nick & Di Morona.
For all enquiries regarding the Mathew Vick Scholarship please
Email: [email protected]
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